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Natural Perfumery, Botanical Dyeing & Sacred Jewelry workshops by our team of Egyptian artisans at the Pyramids of Giza Plateau.

Located in Giza, our local artisans offer weekly workshops at the Cheops Observatory designed by Studio Malka - a gateway at the entrance of the desert, an inhabited belvedere at a walking distance of the largest of the pyramids of the Giza plateau.





In The Nile Goddess: Perfume Creation Workshop, participants work with a perfume brief to blend bespoke scents with Egyptian, sustainably-sourced essential oils and explore scent families, fragrance notes & combinations. This perfume creation workshop invites participants to experiment at their own pace with full access to our natural perfume library. 



As the inventors of aromatherapy, the Egyptians had powerful insights and connections with aromatic healing tools and their effects upon the endocrine system and the mind, body & spirit. The Pyramid Texts of Saqqara, believed to be the oldest religious writings in the world, detail Seven Sacred Oils which were used in daily temple rituals, funerary rites, medicines & cosmetics.


In our Sacred Scents workshop, participants are invited to create a signature perfume with powerful intention, blending the 7 sacred oils with rich essential oils from our fragrance library and using olfactory compositional techniques to create a perfume story from the Base of Set (Root Chakra) to the Crown Of Osiris (Crown Chakra).



Hand-craft jewelry with healing crystals, gemstones, and brass in this intuitive artisanal workshop. Work with carnelian, citrine & sunstone representing the Spleen of Hathor (Sacral Chakra) that governs creativity, sensuality and connection and give yourself a gift and talisman to remember your strength and power by. 


The Ancient Egyptians used gemstones and crystals for protection and health and believed in their healing properties. It was said that Carnelian held the power of renewal and that Citrine purified one’s centre, and dedicated the stone to honor the solar goddess Sekhmet.



Make your own artisanal scarves in our Botanical Dyeing workshop, working with your hands and intuition to naturally-dye and imprint on organic and ethically-grown & sourced silk scarves. Botanical dyeing is the craft of using flowers, fauna and minerals to colour and print on natural materials. The Ancient Egyptians used botanical dyes like madder, safflower, alkanet, woad and pomegranate and naturally treated their fabrics with honey and lime solutions.

The Cheops Observatory by Studio Malka

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