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The Sanctum II

The Sanctum
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The Sanctum II

Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine | Women's Retreat

October 11th-15th 2023

Natrun Desert Valley, Egypt

We invite you into The Sanctum, a celebration of the mysteries of the feminine.

We are delighted to offer an experience of celebrating the feminine divine in one of the most beautiful wellness locations in Egypt, set in the Desert Valley of Wadi Natrun. This journey is a celebration of how far we’ve come, through ritual, alchemy, the dreamstate, love, adoration and joy. It is time to cherish ourselves in the most succulent, nourishing and imaginative way possible. What better place than the historic land of the ancient Queens of Egypt, Nefertari, Queen Tiye, Nefertiti and Mary Magdalene, a place where she and her family found refuge and solace in the Egyptian desert. An exquisite time to be alive for sure, able to experience a magnetic, potent land activated with those of the feminine divine spirit that came before us. 


A specially crafted itinerary of worthwhile experiences designed to ignite a passion, a fire in our wild feminine spirit. Daily ritual, Kemetic Yoga, beautiful activations and workshops, decadent foods, and much more await.


Highlights Include:

- Welcome Dinner

- Accommodation at premiere wellness resort in the Desert Valley of Wadi Natrun

- Intro into the Sacred Feminine Workshop

- Queens of Egypt: Perfume Creation Workshop

- Archetypes of the Feminine Workshop

- Sensuality Workshop & Womb Ceremony

- Sacred Women’s Sharing Circle & Closing

- Special Gift Bag & Care-Kit

- Sunrise Kemetic Yoga Classes Include:

  • Opening to Our Inner Feminine Divine Flow

  • The Magnetic Womb Flow, Irresistible & Succulent

  • Sensuality flow, Electric Sexual Wisdom

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