A unique blend of ancient wisdom, art & experiential design:


The Nile Goddess is a luxury women’s wellness concept that gathers extraordinary women to connect & create new ways of being in spectacular & scenic locations across Egypt. 


The Nile Goddess prioritizes creative practices as holistic tools for meditation & wellbeing rather than through the traditional routes, and our consciously-curated programs are rooted in Ancient Egyptian culture and wisdom.

Our retreats take place at Egypt's most luxurious hotels &  sustainably-focused eco lodges, from the Mediterranean coast all the way down the Nile to Nubia, and our experiences employ highly-skilled local artisans and holistic wellness specialists.


What does the Divine Wellness experience look like?


Divine Wellness is a 360° experience promoting creative, holistic and spiritual well-being via an intimately-curated program led by our team of Goddesses, all highly-knowledgeable and well-practiced in their respective fields; sharing art, wisdom, beauty and experience with a unique group of women in the name of sacred sisterhood and providing a safe and supportive environment for healing to take place. Each carefully-designed retreat considers energy work, artisanal craft, luxurious hospitality and strength in community to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience to remember. 

The Nile Goddess mission is to reconnect women with their divine feminine through experiential wellness travel and to inspire new journeys of discovery.

With Love,
The Nile Goddess Team